Our mind has several scenarios in it and it can create anything it wants. This thing is sometimes uncontrollable for us but still, we cannot help it.

We have thoughts present in our mind all the time and they keeps on linking from here to there. Mostly, we ends up having an over thinking situation and then the head ache. But, this is not the case always. Some people have this skill of having the funny thoughts all the time. Even if they are stuck in some unusual problem, they will make it funny. We should value such people!

This is for true that how easy you take the issue, it gets solved more easily. This is why, very person should think good, positive, and in a humorous way. This is the fact that when you think about some problem in the humorous way, it gets solved that easily which is mainly because then you do not have much burden on your nerves and you gets through it smoothly.

That Funny Friend!

We also have such kind of friends who are always thinking in the funniest way possible. That friend is the life of any gathering and always comes up with the brilliant solutions. We should be surrounded by such friends because they never let us go down our morale. Another merit of having such friends is that they improve your way of thinking. You think in an enhanced way and makes stable plans.

Our own thoughts:

If you are that person in your group who is famous for his funny thoughts then you have done it for your life. People value such friends and like to have them around. Having humorous thoughts also helps you in thinking better and in the right way. You know that you create your own joke quicker than anyone else and respond to the situations with the clear approach. This is certainly a sign of healthy mind. So, you should be satisfied with your brain.

Humorous thoughts are also pretty common by the people who respond sarcastically. It is scientifically proven that those who responds sarcastically quickly are tend to have healthy brains then those who do not. This is pretty good news for those who snaps back.  

But, it does not mean that we start snapping back to everyone instead we should keep our brain into having comical thoughts and live peacefully. You will start feeling that you have started getting mentally strong and become everyone’s favorite.

Everyone has some complains regarding their work place and the people there. These complain are mostly comic where we make fun of others. This is the true story so we cannot deny it.

We all have that arrogant boss, nose poking colleagues, and the interrogating clients who are never ready to accept that we are humans too. Well, for the sake of job, you have to go through this hell. You should never deny the facts that how do you make fun of all these people behind their back and even there are specific names for all of these people.

In every office, there is a group who gives pet names to the people in the office. That group is also famous for creating jokes on various weird situations and is the best in pulling legs. It is very hard to get rid of such people and avoid their jokes. They are the real work & office jokes tellers and everyone tries to run away from them.

Jokes about everything:

In office, there are stories and jokes about everything. As soon as you come up with some complain or news, it becomes joke or taunt automatically. But, then it is fun too.  

People starts telling jokes even when they are not on the job i.e. from the interview time. We all faced that time and understand that how an interviewer acts on an interview. They are mainly in the effort of nailing us down.  Those, who had been through this situation shares the memories in the comical way later.

Getting late, early or getting dumb at the time of meeting is the common incidents that we go through almost every time. We also have that one person who comes up with some silly questions and tries to be over smart. We all have a name for him which he does not know.

Arriving late in office is a habit for some people. These people are always late and receive some great comments from the boss. These comments are known by the whole department mostly and everyone cracks these jokes on their colleagues.  

The work & office jokes are incomplete till we do not share some office jokes party. These are the parties where every person shares some great time and comments others about their presence. All of these jokes and comments are an integral part of the work place and it binds the colleagues more closely in a healthy working environment. 

Every one of us has been telling jokes since our childhoods. We have been reading and listening to such jokes. Laughing at funny stuff is a habit, every happy person has. We like to tell good jokes, and act funnily in front of the people we love.

According to studies, people like jokes which are new and unique. Such jokes make them laugh more quickly. Comedians try to come up with new and better jokes. Some of these jokes are updated on many websites. One of the best categories is Holiday Jokes.  

Jokes don’t come into our minds automatically. We come up with good jokes after observing the people and incidents happening around us. Holidays are one such occasion where you get to meet lot of people and you can witness hell lot of funny things. If you are a comedian, or a joke writer, you must go through these types. To start with, you can check out holiday jokes on a popular website here.

You can observe the attitudes of your family, if you are on a holiday with them. You can observe how they react when in trouble, or how they act in different situations. Write down the funny things, and rearrange them later to make some really funny jokes.

While you are at holiday, observe the people around you. I’m sure you will find lots of scolding moms, yelling at their kids, or angry wives, shouting at their husbands. Catch these moments, and write down jokes related to them.

You do have your own feelings while on a holiday. There will be moments when you feel naughty and act funny. Do remember these moments, and you may find many funny things to make joke on.

It’s not necessary to be on a holiday yourself to write jokes. You can ask your friends and families who went on holidays about their experiences. You may get to know more funny incidents.

One of the sophisticated human traits is humor. It is something which keeps you happy and gives you a reason to laugh out loud. Life without humor and laughter is unimaginable. It is laughter and humor which adds color to your life and makes it shine. A good laugh always brings a spark in your eyes and freshness on your face. Humor is delivered among people in the form of hilarious jokes and funny stories.

We live in a modern era where we find ourselves surrounded by technology everywhere. Technology has become a part of our lives and we totally depend on technology for so many things. Technology provides us a lot of comfort and ease. Moreover humor based on technology is extremely funny and liked by people. Technology jokes are very popular among people. People enjoy them and can relate to them. Computer jokes never fail to make you burst into laughter. These jokes are typically famous worldwide because people like to hear jokes about the equipments they use in their daily lives. 

Technology jokes may be based on the stupid behavior of technology or its users. It is true that technology has incorporated in our lives in such a way that it is hard to imagine life without it but with the upgrading of technology every other day, people do get confused to use it.  Any of their stupid questions raised about any form of technology becomes a joke which results in a roll of laughter. Because of being familiar with the different technology gadgets and their usage, people enjoy jokes based on them even more. These jokes become easier to understand and generate more laughter.

These jokes may also include any funny pictures of computers, smartphones or any other technology gadget.  The different technology gadgets may be personified and given the form of any human character. As most of the people know the different technology terms, it becomes easier to crack such jokes anywhere, are easier to comprehend and generate maximum laughter.

The jokes based on technology are truly a delight to hear. People love to listen to these jokes to laugh out loud. These jokes give a whole new outlook to technology and are completely based on your creativity skills. When writing these jokes, you have to think out of the box and be creative. You have to think of the crazies ideas that can make the crowd go crazy with laughter.


Cheesy pick up lines never fail to impress a girl. They are basically a conversation opener, which is intended to start a chat with an unknown person with the purpose of dating around or for romance. They are commonly used by men to impress women. They have a wide range; they may be as straightforward as introducing one or as obscure as flirting around, asking for a person’s likes and interests or even flattering.

Pick up lines do work in eliminating the communication gaps among people. It totally depends on the delivery and content.  As far as delivery is concerned, delivery should be natural and must seem effortless. You should be sure that what you are about to say is killing funny and will make a girl laugh out loud. Flat pick up lines can prove to be very lame. A funny line can be used to make a girl laugh and at the same time let her realize your interest in her.

You can get into pretty much trouble if your delivery is not that effective. In case the situation gets worse, the woman might feel as if she is insulted and you will have no chance of impressing her at all. 

Therefore, you have to be particularly careful about your content and delivery when you are cracking funny lines to impress a woman or flirt around. It can do wonders if you are excellent with the delivery and can actually help you impress your girl. You must practice as much as you can. You must have a good grip over your delivery timings. Apart from crisp timing, your energy level must be high too. You must exhibit a cool and funny attitude to compliment your delivery. If you give a power packed delivery, even if your content is not that good, it might still make her roll into laughter and you might get your chance on her.

It is good to spend time in front of the mirror and work on improving your timing and delivery skills. You must make it sound spontaneous as if you have just come up with it rather just memorizing it. Figure out how she might possibly react on it by trying it with any of your friend or asking for feedback.

You must have a good sense of humor. Remember your sense of humor actually speaks off your reputation. You must not humiliate or annoy somebody, in fact just bring a wide smile of someone’s face.


Political jokes are one of those categories of jokes which have a lot of material. Whatever is going on around the world and no how much intense the situation may be; people can always enjoy humor based on politics. People enjoy these jokes the most because it is something that every person can relate to. Every person is aware of all the political personalities and whatever is going on in the world of politics. People have their eyes fixed on all the political activities going on around them worldwide. Internet has made it even easier. Thanks to the ever increasing uses of technology, television and internet provide us the entire buzz in the world of politics at our fingertips. 

The public is always blaming the government for anything that goes wrong. Therefore they enjoy any sort of criticism on politics to the fullest. People always roll into crazy laughter when they hear hilarious jokes about political leaders or events. Mostly the political jokes are framed in such a way that they do not target any single politician or statesman rather they are generic and criticize the politicians as a whole. They address with any political issue ans bring out the funny side of it in front of the people.

 When dealing with humor based on politics, you should never target any particular person rather develop them as a result of any personal observations. The goodness of these jokes is that they are mostly intended to highlight any political issues that need attention. Apart from the funny aspect, these jokes might bring forth any issues that need a change. These jokes not only make people burst into laughter but also intent to promote any subject for change or to present the views of a layman on any political issues in the form of a funny statement or short story.

 Comedy and politics go hand in hand. Humor adds color to politics. Jokes about politics are an indication of a free society where you are free to express your views. Unfortunately there are still some countries which do not give this authority to people to talk funny or criticize their government or politics.

 You have to be inventive when it comes to framing jokes based on politics. This type of humor is specifically common and appreciated by everyone during the times of elections. These jokes have to be designed carefully keeping in mind not to target any specific person rather just get people roll into big laughter by bringing forth the funny side of politics.

Professional jokes are very popular among the people. Effective jokes are those to which people can relate. Professional jokes are based on daily routines of people belonging to any particular profession. Different professional are criticized and funny aspects of every profession can be showcased in this category of jokes.

Most of the professional jokes are targeted on doctors, engineers, accountants, teachers, lawyers, businessmen, architects, and various other profession. This category of jokes brings forth the lighter side of these important and serious professions of the world.  They are based on any funny event or situation involving these professionals. In these jokes, often the people belonging to these professions are shown dumb and act like idiots. They are intended to create a hilarious environment and make you realize the funny sides of these serious occupations.

 Cracking effective professional jokes requires quality content and practice. Some people have a natural tendency of cracking hilarious jokes while others need a fine practice. First of all, you need to know which profession you are targeting. For instance, if it is about the doctors you want to create fun of, you must come up with a funny short story. It must have a perfect dose of humor to make the people roar into big laughter. It must have a suitable background and lead to an absolutely hilarious part. Deliver the background information in the most interesting and funniest way. That will allow you to grab the attention of the people. Next part of the joke will contain the punch lines.

You should speak clearly and in an adequate tone. You pace should be neither too fast nor too slow. Make sure that you provide the background information of the short story briefly. Your punch lines must be strong enough to get an instant response from the crowd. Professional jokes could also be framed by playing with the words smartly. For instance, you can derive any possible humorous aspects from the name of any profession. Changing or fragmenting the names of professions might also work. You should know how to play with the words. After all that is what jokes are all about. Frame the jokes smartly and practice your skills. Work hard to come up with innovative ideas regarding jokes on profession. Observe people from different professions. Work hard and enjoy rewarding moment when you will get roars of laughter from people. The appreciation from people generates a feeling of satisfaction when you have achieved your goal of entertaining them.

Humor and laughter are the delights of your life. They give you reasons to laugh and stay happy. Humor is more of a blessing that is responsible for making you stay relaxed and stress free. A good laughter works wonders in making you laugh out loud. It makes you realize that life as pleasant as you make. It is interesting to know that the key factor of humor is the surprise element. Appearance jokes are always a treat to hear, as they get you into a huge laughter. You can relate to them and observe people around you, who appear funny to you because of their weird get ups.

Appearance jokes are based on weird, funny, or stupid things about any person. They are things in the overall appearance of few people that make others roll into laughter. Jokes on appearance of people are framed in the most hilarious ways. Any funny aspect of a person’s appearance is picked and compared with something ridiculous. It can be someone’s weird hairstyle, a funny dress he is wearing, or even his obesity. Sometimes something looks extremely odd on a person and does not match his overall appearance. Fat people are specifically targeted in these jokes and always get you laughing.

You have to be unique and creative to come up with fresh content when writing such jokes. They should contain all the necessary humor and presented in the funniest possible way. The topic should be interesting and sound funny. Think of funny comparisons. Use strong punch lines. Use humorous relations of elements of appearance with the most surprising and funny things you can possibly think of.  

If you are not exactly a joke writer and just want to learn some completely hilarious jokes to impress the crowd and make friends around, you can always visit various effective websites on the internet that provide jokes about appearance that can get you roll into big laughter. You can also see funny video clips about humorous jokes on appearances of people.

Moreover, these jokes about appearances can be delivered in as many ways as you can think of. It is always a good idea to use various interesting and funny probes that may be a weird hair wig or a funny dress you can wear. You need to use your creativity to get people laugh like crazy when it comes to the delivery of these jokes. Probes are quite helpful in enhancing the level of humor most of the times. They enable you to give a clearer picture of the idea behind your jokes and elaborate your jokes, resulting in an instant roar of laughter from the crowd.

The new generation is way faster than the previous one. Kids of current era are smart and full of common sense. Moreover, they love to laugh. Kids start laughing and enjoying right after few months of their birth. They love to see the funny acts performed by their uncles, aunts, and siblings.  

It is pretty easy to make kids laugh because they are simple and free from any mental shield. They can just start laughing at your face expressions or even at a simple joke. They certainly do not need any overly humor for laughter. They have limited and effortless vocabulary on which they can smile on.

You can tell jokes to the kids in the way such as:

-          Pick some funny thing about the school or their teacher.

-          You can crack some joke over their friend or about any weird kid in school.

-           Tell them some funny thing about their favorite superhero.

-          Ask them something funny from your own childhood.

-          You can do some funny magic tricks with the kids to make them go crazy with fun.

These are few grounds over which you can tell them some humor. Also, you can act like some of the characters around them in daily life. For instance, you can pretend as their father, teacher, or superhero to act funny with the suitable joke.

Remember that do not say any adult word in your story. It will make them think out of the box in a negative way and they could not be able to enjoy the funny thing. This is why always tell them the simple yet cute funny things because they are going to tell this thing to their friends too later on.

You must have noticed too that how kids consider the cartoons funny. They find humor in the tripping, yelling, jumping, running, etc. and get impressed easily. They become their favorite just because their acts are silent yet very humorous. This proves that the children are mostly into easy-to-go stuff. They love playful things.

If you are a professional comedian and you are invited in some family gathering then you can create some witty yet plain jokes especially for the kids. Another useful way to make them enjoy is to get them with you and ask them things about school, friends, or parents. You can then take out some fun factor out of that thing to make them laugh

In today’s world of acute competitions, pressure comes naturally. Whether you are a student, an employee, a teacher, a banker, a mother, a father, a son, or a daughter, everyone is surrounded by pressures of different types. Everyone is struggling in his own domain and striving hard to get on the top. In order to sustain, the pressures need to be reduced. Life needs to be enjoyed and laughter needs to be spread. Laughing is the best remedy to get out of stress quickly. It does wonders. Life withouthappiness and joy is quite impossible and meaningless. We ought to stay happy. We should not forget the goodness life has to offer us. At times, people ignore the significance of happiness and laughter in their lives. They get so indulged in their busy routines and hectic schedules to fulfill worldly requirements and criteria that they do not find out time to enjoy life. They forget to sit down and relax. They forget to enjoy even a good joke and laugh. Hence, they need to realize that life is all about happiness. Laughing is something that makes life more beautiful and brings joy.

Nowadays, children are especially the victims of stress of the growing competitions in education. They are forced to take tuitions and study all the time to meet the demands of getting on the top when it comes to grades. No doubt, it is necessary to be successful in life and all parents want to see their children prosper but it is unfair to overburden them. When they are meant to play in the grounds and laugh with their friends, they are pushed to study and take extra tuitions. It should be ensured that this situation must not take children into a depression mode, as it proves very disastrous for them.

Laughing is something that gives you instant relief from stress and depression. It has miraculous effect, as it makes you forget all your worries. Laughing is a very healthy act as it releases good hormones like endorphins that can make you happy.  People, who possess a good sense of humor, are always the ones, who have a more optimistic approach in life. They know how and why to stay happy. Distress, sorrows, pain, and negative thoughts are a natural process that change your moods and make you feel low. Laughing is something that relieves you and brings happiness to your life. It brings you relaxation, Studies have also shown that laughter helps you in increasing immunity and protects you from heart diseases.  It is good to make it a part of your daily life. Thus, crack funny jokes and enjoy laughing madly with your friends and family.