In today’s world of acute competitions, pressure comes naturally. Whether you are a student, an employee, a teacher, a banker, a mother, a father, a son, or a daughter, everyone is surrounded by pressures of different types. Everyone is struggling in his own domain and striving hard to get on the top. In order to sustain, the pressures need to be reduced. Life needs to be enjoyed and laughter needs to be spread. Laughing is the best remedy to get out of stress quickly. It does wonders. Life withouthappiness and joy is quite impossible and meaningless. We ought to stay happy. We should not forget the goodness life has to offer us. At times, people ignore the significance of happiness and laughter in their lives. They get so indulged in their busy routines and hectic schedules to fulfill worldly requirements and criteria that they do not find out time to enjoy life. They forget to sit down and relax. They forget to enjoy even a good joke and laugh. Hence, they need to realize that life is all about happiness. Laughing is something that makes life more beautiful and brings joy.

Nowadays, children are especially the victims of stress of the growing competitions in education. They are forced to take tuitions and study all the time to meet the demands of getting on the top when it comes to grades. No doubt, it is necessary to be successful in life and all parents want to see their children prosper but it is unfair to overburden them. When they are meant to play in the grounds and laugh with their friends, they are pushed to study and take extra tuitions. It should be ensured that this situation must not take children into a depression mode, as it proves very disastrous for them.

Laughing is something that gives you instant relief from stress and depression. It has miraculous effect, as it makes you forget all your worries. Laughing is a very healthy act as it releases good hormones like endorphins that can make you happy.  People, who possess a good sense of humor, are always the ones, who have a more optimistic approach in life. They know how and why to stay happy. Distress, sorrows, pain, and negative thoughts are a natural process that change your moods and make you feel low. Laughing is something that relieves you and brings happiness to your life. It brings you relaxation, Studies have also shown that laughter helps you in increasing immunity and protects you from heart diseases.  It is good to make it a part of your daily life. Thus, crack funny jokes and enjoy laughing madly with your friends and family. 

There must one night called the family night where all family members share jokes and funny sayings. It is certainly not a bad idea to boost the family bonding and to release the tensions that we get surrounded by every day. Laughing is a great stress busting technique but don’t laugh without any reason. Make sure that it helps you in releasing the stress you are facing.

Telling jokes and being funny is not a bad thing. Honestly, it’s in our nature that we like meeting such people that are friendly, welcoming, and funny. I remember how soon I started to like my fellow co-worker. The major reason was that he was funny and he used to crack jokes. I found him an easy person, who takes life quiet calmly. It made me feel that I am the only one taking stress. Who does not have problems in life? What can be better than that if you can overcome these stressful moments with some jokes and laughter?

Do you know that even reading jokes to yourself can help? If bad thoughts surround your mind often and you just keep on thinking about the bad stuff that has happened to you, then this can make you feel sad and it can destroy your personality. Therefore, jokes are all what you need to go into the wonderland and laugh. There are simple jokes that can just bring a smile on your face and there are hilarious jokes that can make you laugh hard. Jokes can be found in any category now.

There was a time when we had to watch comedy shows, attend live shows, and to buy books to read jokes to share them among our friends. We all know that time today has changed so you can find jokes on the internet. The best thing is that they are available for free.

You can share jokes to tease your friends, brother, or sister. Keep in mind not to get offensive with these jokes. Too much teasing and sarcasm can give boost to feelings of hatred too. So, in the effort to break the ice, do not end up building more. Just find the right jokes and attack your friends and family with them at the right time. Be funny and share jokes to make others happy and yourself happy too. That way, you will make a strong bond.  

Jokes should always be a part of one’s life. They can help you stay relieved and less stressful. Why not read some jokes to make you delighted as it is said that laughter is the best medicine? Being funny is not bad but there are times when jokes make others feel offensive.  For example, being small can be great in some ways but there are disadvantages too. For girls, it might not be an issue but men take the small jokes seriously if they are small in height.

It might be a natural thing that people would poke you at your height and make fun of you because such jokes are certainly entertaining. However, it can also be a cause to hurt those with a shorter height. These individuals might also start facing low self-esteem problem.

Making fun of the height of small heighted people is often a common happening. It can be intended to hurt them or to make fun of them but some people just mock to have a nice time. If you are shorter male, then you might not be in a good position to handle jokes. Don’t let your confidence fall because of these jokes, as people just keep on saying things on everyday basis. Instead, enjoy such jokes.

Life is already so boring at times and we have to go through stress so it is better if you reply with sarcasm. Read jokes and attack them with jokes just the way they attack you. With time, they will stop telling offensive jokes. That’s all what anyone can want. It surely can be rough to hear jokes funny lines and comments on your height but you must learn to neglect such things. They can only make you feel bad, the other person will never be happy with you anyway.

So whenever you are free, entertain yourself with jokes.  They can be a great way to forget about the daily headache we face. I personally would like to make funny people a part of my life. When people can make you smile, what can be better than that? Even if you are the reason of making others smile then it can be a great blessing. Laughter is the therapy we all need in life so take the jokes lightly. If you are funny, you will seem to be attractive to all.